Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Sunday in Hell (`08 coverage)

Orange County's mean little princess to Paris-Roubaix went off Sunday without much carnage or polemics. Under fair skies and moderate cross-winds only the area's....

bravest riders chose the sensations of gravel under wheels over the monotony of tarmac. By race's end it was clear to most, there is no excuse not to tackle this rolling semi-classic.

Triangle Velo (Cannondale/Endurance Mag) was out in force to push a (very) early break instigated (perhaps dubiously) by eventual winner Robert McConville. Much to Tri-V's chagrin, all but second place finisher Mitchell Luck succumbed to late race punctures. The day's green jersey winner, Lucas Joppa helped drive a then-reduced break of 5 clear of the chasers, setting up a 4-up sprint taken by McConville.

1)Robert McConville
2)Mitchell Luck
3)Brian Attis

**A loud country dawg bark must be issued to Clean Machine/Bicycle Chain's own Scott Smith for manning the neutral wheel support. Buy Scott a beer (3xflatter,Chris Blake) if you see him about town as this year the Forest of Buckhorn saw more mechanicals than normal. We also want to thank the "Clean-Chain" for the 7th lap $50 Bucky Forest Preme (also snatched by McConville) and the $50 green jersey payout. Way to keep us riding mean, and running clean.

*click on images to enlarge for full grimace effect. all photos are shareware if needed for securing future sponsorship or impressing loved ones